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Kegerator is a superstore filled with everything for a beer enthusiast. Brough to ou by LivingDirect, kegerators are a combination of kegs and refrigerators. They are at home coolants for you to serve refreshing beer. If you love draft beer, don’t spend all of that money go out, have a convenient Kegerator generate your beer on tap right at home. Based on your needs, there are different sizes and kinds of kegerators. There are mini, full-size home, commercial, and outdoor. Mini kegerators hold fourteen 12 oz. cans of beer and can be tapped a maximum of four times. Full-size home kegerators can house a half barrel keg. Commercial kegerators are installed under countertops or are free-standing. They can hold half-barrel kegs, as well. Outdoor kegerators are meant for the outdoor and are ideal when surrounding temperatures are greater than 85 degrees F or lower than 50 degrees F. Save on your kegerator with coupons here!

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