La Lechera Sale

Celebrate the sweet moments in your life with Nestle's La Lechera Sweetened Condensed Milk. Create delicious, creamy desserts with La Lechera for you and your family. La Lechera comes from tradition and is known for its quality creamy goodness. This quality translates to amazing dessert creations that everyone will love. Try the original La Lechera condensed milk for baking, desserts, coffee, tea, breakfasts, and more. For the health conscience, La Lechera also offers fat free & 50% less sugar than the original. Fat Free La Lechera still offers the same creamy flavor without as much sugar and no fat. La Lechera also comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle that takes away the mess, drips, and spills without sacrificing quality. Try Nestle's La Lechera today with these special coupons.


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