Lean Cuisine meals are pre-prepared foods found in your frozen food aisle. They are easy to heat up in the microwave and as they are nutritious and low in calories. Lean Cuisine has 7 different collections for you depending on the nutrients you are looking for and the tastes that you would like to experience. There is the morning collection, additions which have the meal ready for you to add fresh produce like lettuce. Then there is honestly good, culinary collection, spa collection, market collection and simple favorites. Lean Cuisines are one of the many brands under Nestle, but Lean Cuisine was originally a product of Stouffers before the acquisition. Each Lean Cuisine meal is ready for you with a superior microwave and conventional oven container. Note that the trays are not reusable and most are not recyclable at this time. Eat filing, tasty meals that are good for you for less. Coupons on Lean Cuisine here!


Save on Lean Cuisine!

Lean Cuisine meals are some of the favorite low-cal frozen options at the store and there are a lot of ways to save on this great product. Check them out!

Lean Cuisine Coupons and Savings

Lean Cuisine is one of my favorite options for single freezer meals, especially when I am counting calories or following a diet plan. They have so many great options for meals and they are pretty tasty for being a lighter fare. The vary is portions and calories and points so make sure you compare to know what the best deal is and try them out to find which are your favorites. I have found that if I like a particular one (or few), it’s better to have those on hand, mixed in with some newbies, so I can have good options.

Lean Cuisine deals come along fairly regularly and this is a product where it really pays (or saves?) to know your price. There are so many deals, varying from the old marketing trick deal of 5 for $10 but you can also find some BOGO type deals where you buy one type of Lean Cuisine meal and you may get another kind (like a salad sensations) for FREE. The best ways to get these are to find out the best price or deal and then pair it with coupons to save even more.

When can you find Lean Cuisine coupons? Check your local paper inserts, they come out occasionally in those and are usually a dollar amount off when you buy a select amount of the product. Pair this with a super deal and you’ll really get these cheap. For me, a stock up price on Lean Cuisine meals is around $1.50 but varies depending on the size of the meal and if it’s just the entree or has sides with it as well. You can also sometimes find peelie coupons are mail in rebates right on the Lean Cuisine boxes. When you facotr in all these, you might score them for as little as $1 each.

Make sure to check for store coupons too. Target and some grocery stores may offer additional savings when you pair a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon to stack and save. Cartwheel also has opportunities to save on Lean Cuisine. Pair all your deals together and then pick up the item at a great price for the best savings.

Lean Cuisine Rewards is an incentive program from the brand where you earn points, inside most boxes of the meals (check to make sure when you purchase them that it is a participating item), and then you can turn those rewards in for coupons, gift cards, products and more. Incentive programs are a great way to save even more on products that you already love and purchase. It’s like a little bonus from the brand to help you get more for you money when you take advantage of this type of savings.

Social Media is a great way to find coupons, so follow your favorite brands on your preferred social media to save even more. I find that a lot of Facebook pages I follow offer coupons, deals and samples to their followers before they open it up to the general public. Check it out if you have a favorite brand, like Lean Cuisine, you may find some great savings this way.

Lean Cuisine Contact Info

Nestlé USA
Consumer Services Center
P. O. Box 2178
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703

Phone: 800-993-8625

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