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In 1889, Walter Scott Lenox envisioned an unparalleled American ceramic company that would make its way into the homes of America, including the White House. Lenox's vision included a studio style setting for its ceramic products instead of a factory setting, allowing its original 18 artists to create one of the a kind dinner sets. As the company grew and sold in speciality boutiques, and its impressive artware was immediately showcased at the Smithsonian by 1897. As time went on and hosting dinner parties became the rage, Lenox began selling sets of gorgeous dinnerware, and became the only major manufacturer of bone china in the US. As such, Lenox became the name and brand for American made bone china, being recognized by the White House. Lenox has created one of a kind dinnerware sets for the last 6 presidents. Now you can also have a Lenox dinner set at your dining room table at an extraordinary price.

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