L’Oreal is an international company that is a leading manufacturer of skin care, cosmetics and beauty products. It is a higher-end beauty brand available at drugstores and chain stores and online. L’Oreal carries hair shaping, enhancing and styling products as well as hair coloring products, shampoos and conditioners. Their hair coloring line includes True Match, which helps you choose a hair color based on your natural hair color. L’Oreal not only produces make-up and skincare and hair care and other cosmetics, they also provide consultations and advice for you to keep up with the trends and find the right products that will enhance your natural beauty. Unlike most quizzes and consultations, they have guides. For instance, during the face make-up consultation, you are asked to pick your undertone: warm, neutral or cool. L’Oreal provides helpful instructions to help you find your undertone properly. Experience L’Oreal beauty and hair products for less here!

L'Oreal Coupons

Saving tips!

L’Oreal is one of the top cosmetic brands and actually owns some of the other cosmetic brands you might buy at the store. They have a lot of great products and many opportunities to save.

L’Oreal Saving Tips and Tricks

L’Oreal cosmetics are one of the higher priced brands available at drugstores and chain stores. They are worth the price if you can find a way to save and get them for a little less and they do offer a high-quality products. L’Oreal also carries hair coloring products that you can find at a great deal when you use coupons.

Here are some of my tips for saving on this brand:

  • Find coupons: L’Oreal coupons are plentiful and come in a lot of varying amounts. Since they have a wide range of products, you can clip or print the coupons you need for the items that you purchase and save more. The weekly inserts generally have a lot of these coupons but they come and go so grab them when you see them and be on the lookout for a great deal to pair them with.
  • Use coupons with a sale and save even more. You’ll get a much less price per ounce cost when you find a great price AND use a coupon. Some stores offer store coupons that you can stack to save even more. Check the Target coupons when you shop there (or Target mobile coupons) and I always check the Walgreens IVC booklet for store coupons on items I am buying before I shop. If you can find a great BOGO type sale, you can really save because you’ll still be able to use two coupons even if one item is free, at most stores. The general policy is one store coupon and one MQ per item purchased, so stack the coupons to your advantage to get the best deal.
  • Check clearance sections at stores because a LOT of times I see L’Oreal hair color in these areas and you can pair these great deals with a coupon to save even more and get some really cheap, possibly FREE, items. Clearance sections are in most stores and can really offer great deals. Sometimes they are even a part of gift card deals for a brand- for example, recently there was a deal on Clear Hair and Scalp Therapy where you got a $5 gift card when you bought a select amount. Since it was for the whole brand, I found some shampoo on clearance and was still able to take advantage of the gift card deal.
  • Check incentive or loyalty programs for offers to make your deal even better. Register rewards, Extra Care Bucks, reward points and other incentive type offerings stretch your dollar even further. Just make sure to stay on top of expiration dates so you don’t miss out on this benefit. These programs are usually free to sign-up for and you can get a lot of benefits from using them.

L’Oreal Customer Contact Info

Toll-free Number: 800-345-5012


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