Lunchables, kids lunches made easy.

It’s compact; it’s efficient; it includes dessert, and, if you choose right, a drink. Lunchables have been a childhood favorite lunch option for field trips or cafeteria dining. There are five types of lunchable packages you can choose from: lunchabels with drink, which include a Capri-Sun, lunchables without drink, lunchables with smoothie, which contains real fruit, lunchables uploaded, and lunchables snacks. Everything you need for lunch or a snack is in a lunchable. Choose from pizza, ham and chedder with crackers or ham and swiss or turkey and cheddar. Lunchables uploaded are meals with a little bit more meat and a little bit more lunch. Choose from Nachos Grande, 6-inch Ham and American chees sub sandwich, chicken soft tacos, and deep dish pizzas.


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