Margherita Italian Meats

Margherita is a brand of Italian food. Its motto is “For True Italian Taste”. Meats, pastas, fresh vegetables, and cheese come to life with Margherita foods. Their specialty meats include pepperoni, capicola, salami, hot salami, hard salami, and Genoa salami, prosciutto and hot ham. They also serve 8 oz. and 5 oz. hors d'oeuvres of pepperoni and cheeses. Meats come packed in a long rectangular shape for easy slicing and serving and the meats are already seasoned to top off pizzas or complete appetizers. Marherita is one of the brands under John Morrell Food Group, which also makes John Morrell, Curlys, Nathan’s, and Eckrich. Save on Margherita meats and foods with money savings coupons and tips below for better foods at better prices!

Margherita Coupons

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