Maybelline started when founder, Tom Williams, saw his sister mix coal dust with Vaseline to create a mixture to thicken her eyelashes. Taking this inspiration and playing around with different ingredients, Williams created the first modern eye make up cake for everyday use. Maybelline was established in 1915, and by 1960 created the Ultra Lash wich was the first mass-market automatic. Since it's first mascara product, the company has grown to be America's number one cosmetics company. It has expanded its line beyond mascara to a full line of cosmetics from foundation to lipstick and eye shadow. Maybelline has the classic essentials and the trendiest shades. Maybelline offers a wide range of shades in foundation, eye shadow, blush, mascara, eye liner, lipstick, and nail polish. Save money and look amazing with Maybelline products.


Save more!

Maybelline is a cosmetic brand that has been around since the early 1900s! It’s changed since it started (did you know the first product sold by Maybelline was mascara?) but it’s still here and stronger than ever at holding a share of the market when it comes to cosmetics.

Maybe She’s Born With Great Saving Tips

Maybelline is popular in drugstores and chain big box stores but did you also know that you can find great deals on Maybelline cosmetics online? I sometimes forget that small items like eye shadow or mascara can be picked up online for less. There are a lot of beauty sites out there so check them out to see where your best deal is on this brand.

When you are shopping at brick and mortar stores for Maybelline, make sure to always look for a coupon to pair with a great deal to save more. We often see drugstores offering great savings on this brand, with BOGO offers, loyalty or incentive savings or cash back in the form of store dollars when you buy a noted amount of this brand. When you pair those types of deals with a coupon, you can sometimes even score freebies! Some stores will also occasionally offer store coupons on this brand and you can stack the coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon to save even more. Target and Shop Rite are two stores that I have seen this type of offering but it will also sometimes show up in a Walgreens IVC Booklet.

Dollar Stores are a great place to find cosmetics and many of them now accept coupons. Dollar Stores buy bulk stock from stores who didn’t sell it before their new merchandise came in so it’s often hit or miss on what you might find. If you always take your coupons though you can see if you have any match-ups on a great deal and maybe even pick up a free product. Many brand names can be found in dollar stores and since there are a ton of $1 coupons out there, that would mean a free product! I have seen Maybelline eye shadow at the Dollar Tree and they also have other cosmetics in there too so it’s a great way to save on beauty items.

Check clearance sections or clearance tags in the beauty section for great deals. Cosmetic colors and lines change seasonally, several times a year so it’s not too hard to find some great clearance deals when they are getting ready to move in the new colors or line. One of my best shopping tips for saving on anything is to know where your store’s clearance section is located. Even within the same company, it can vary widely. I live close to two Walgreens’ stores and one has an endcap area where they keep all the clearance and another just puts clearance tags on the shelves. If you shop somewhere regularly and know where to look, you can swing by this discount den every time you are in the store.

Maybelline Customer Service

You can reach Maybelline via a toll-free hotline: 800-944-0730

They also offer a form to complete online for service.

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