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A 17 year old Brian Deegan set off to Southern California from his hometown of Omaha to become one of the best Freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders around. He didn't know it at the time, but as he struggled his way through the rigid rules of Motocross competitions, he created a style of his own and generated a new brand of Motocross that took the world by storm. As Deegan became decorated in the world of FMX, he began his company of Metal Mulisha in the late 1990's to create a niche of his own in the FMX industry and apparel industry. Metal Mulisha has the same lifestyle philosophy as its creator; it highlights a nonconformity-type attitude and style. Metal Mulisha sells graphic tees, jerseys, boardshorts, fleece, tanks, denim, and accessories. Metal Mulisha is a familiar name in the X Games, Red Bull X Fighters, Rockstar Mayhem Tour, Dew Tour, and many more events. Now bring Metal Mulisha to your home with incredibly affordable prices.

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