Midol Menstrual Pain Relief Savings

Midol gives you pain relief. Midol relieves bloating, headaches, fatigue, and sleeplessness. Women especially use Midol to tackle monthly menstrual cramp pains. You can take Midol if you are also taking birth control. Midol is a brand from parent company, Bayer. There are a few varieties of Midol including Midol Liquid Gels, Midol PM, Midol Complete, Midol Teen, and Midol Extended Relief. Midol works for a full 12 hours to give you relief. Packages usually include 20 tablets that you can take with water. Midol Complete, which is recommended for pre- menstrual cramps does include caffeine and it is advised not to intake additional caffeine. Save on Midol here with coupons and discounts below!

Midol Coupons

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