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Nivea is a line of skin care products. It is one of the top skin care companies in the world. Nivea has skin care lines for bath care, body care, lip care, men’s care, and crèmes. And a special moisturizing crème called Nivea Soft. Nivea Soft has received excellent reviews and has been noted to absorb quickly, so it won’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin like some sunblocks and lotions do. Nivea products are available at local grocery stores and convenient stores. You can search for products by smoothness, sparkles or happiness. Nivea products are known to lock in moisture and soften skin. Nive uses Hydra IQ Technology in its moisturizers and body washes. Hydra IQ Technology keeps moisturizing your skin for up to 24 hours by stimulating aquaporins. Aquaporins are in cell membranes and allow water to pass through cells instead of old beliefs that water passes in between cells. With this new technology, your skin can stay moisturized for up to 24 hours. Save on Nivea skincare products here with the below coupons.

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