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Oberto Beef Jerky began in 1918 in Seattle, Washington originally intending to sell the finest sausages and salamis. As the company was handed down to the Oberto son who was creative, the signature Oberto Beef Jerky was finally created by the 1940's and doubled the company's size. The wildly popular jerky still has the same philosophy; that all meats and ingredients should be the finest in quality and taste. Enjoy great varieties like Original Beef Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky, Peppered Beef Jerky, Hickory Beef Jerky, Teriyaki Turkey Jerky, BBQ Pork Jerky, Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky, and Jalapeno Bacon Jerky. Find great deals on these and other Oberto products right here!

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