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Olive oil is essential. Add it to vinegar and salt and pepper, and you have a homemade salad dressing. Pour it on your pan to start frying up bacon; dip bread in it and add garlic, and make your own pasta sauces with olive oil. Olive oil is a simple, everyday staple in most kitchens. But, Olivari isn’t a simple, everyday product; it is finely treated olives that are poured from bottles that are specifically designed to easily pour out of the bottle and into your pot and bowl. Olivari olive oil is offered in three varieties: extra virgin, classic, and extra light. Extra light olive oil is best for sautéing, baking and frying at a higher temperature. Classic olive oil is best for drizzling on vegetables, cooking, grilling, baking, marinating, and sautéing. Extra Virgin olive oil is best for making bread dips, grilling poultry, making pasta sauces and marinating meat. Discover your favorite olive oil. Get high quality olive oil at a great price. Olivari coupons below.

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