Pace Salsa Coupons

The Pace salsa legacy is not like any other. After coming home from WWII, David Pace settled in Texas and began making one of the market's best selling salsas. Pace worked on his recipes for a decade before coming up with the first Picante Sauce. His sauces come with fresh jalapenos, crisp onions, and ripe tomatoes. Pace offers Hot and Mild flavors of salsas, all made with specially bred Pace jalapenos. Get the Original Picante Sauce is Mild, Medium, or Hot. Try the Thick and Chunky Salsa also in Mild, Medium, or Hot. Or go crazy with specialty salsas like peach mango, citrus pineapple, mango & habanero, chipotle and jalapeno, Texas style white bean, and many others. Get awesome coupons on Pace salsa product today!

Pace Coupons

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