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Palmolive is part of the Colgate Palmolive company. Palmolive is specifically made to clean dishes in the form of dish soap and dish washing detergent. Palmolive has a line of soaps to target the areas you need including: freshening sponges, being tough on grease, but soft on hands, fighting bacteria, creating a clean scent, powerfully removing grease, being odorless without the chemicals, naturally inspired, hand care, and baby care. Using a dishwasher? Palmolive has phosphate free, eco-friendly dishwashing detergent lines in lemon and citrus apple scents. Palmolive understands the importance of knowing what is in the products that you are using to clean, so they list all of the ingredients and make it easy to see the purpose of having each ingredient in its formula. For instance, SD Alcohol 3-A controls thickness and clarity of the dishwashing soap. Get great deals on a company that is transparent about its values and the ingredients it uses. Coupons here!

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