PB Crave Coupons

Craving Peanut Butter? PB Crave is a type of peanut butter with an added twist. The peanut butter itself is all-natural and combined with honey. There are four flavors that include: coco bananas, razzle dazzle, cookie nookie, and choco choco. PB Crave is perfect for drizzling on fruits and ice cream and more. PB Crave is available in 6 packs and 3 packs and are all highly rated with 5 stars. PB Crave has a philanthropic project, Project Peanut Butter that PB Crave donates 2% of their profits from every jar in hopes to feed malnourished children. You can help the cause be donating on their website. Save on PB Crave today!

PB CRAVE Coupons

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