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On October 5, 1970 PBS was founded by Hartford N. Gunn Jr. of WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. PBS is a private, nonprofit corporation whose members are America’s public TV stations, noncommercial, educational licensees. PBS’ mission is to create content that educates, informs and inspires. To do this, PBS offers programming that expands the minds of children, documentaries that open up new worlds, non-commercialized news programs that keep citizens informed on world events and cultures and programs that expose America to the worlds of music, theater, dance and art.PBS reaches nearly 109 million people through television and over 28 million people online each month.

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PBS, or the Public Broadcasting System, is an American Broadcast Television station that offers a wide variety of educational and diverse programming and has a huge following of both kids and adults. Find out ways to save right here!

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PBS is a government-funded, free channel that you can pick up even when you don’t have cable. This is a publicly broadcast station that relies on member support and national funding to provide quality television programming for children and adults.

PBS offers many favorite kids’ shows, including Sesame Street, Curious George, Super Why, Thomas the Train, Dinosaur Train and many more great shows throughout the day. In the evening, they offer many adult favorites like Downton Abbey, Masterpiece Theater, News Hour with Jim Lauer, Frontline and other favorites. Throughout different times of year, they host a pledge drive where they try and recruit member support of the channel to help them cover the cost of the shows. They offer some great incentives for membership that can only be found through the pledge drive.

During the pledge drive, members who offer certain amounts can receive promotional items that have a much higher value or may not be available for purchase. If you love a particular series or item they are offering, this can be a great deal and you’ll support a great station. They also offer giveaways and drawings during this time to provide incentives for people to donate. This year, they also offered a donation perk that when you donated a certain amount, your programming wouldn’t be interrupted by the pledge drive, kind of a pay off to keep the shows rolling.

They have a great membership for kids that offers some special deals too, like discounted tickets to Sesame Street on Ice or savings at kid-friendly restaurants and shops. This membership is a great way to save if you have children who are into these types of shows or activities, plus you’ll get the additional savings opportunities at local businesses. These memberships vary regionally so see what your PBS membership offers.

You can stream many PBS shows for free and this is a great way to save and have quality tv programming if you don’t have cable. We got rid of cable several years ago and haven’t looked back! We save so much money each year with an antenna and streaming, it’s a huge cost savings. You can find PBS merchandise both online and in stores so look for the best deals on these items to save money if you have a favorite series or want to get toys from shows that your children love. PBS also has free online games and a very interactive learning website for kids which is no cost and provides some educational fun!

PBS Customer Service and Information

You can contact PBS at this phone number: (703) 739-5000

Or you can utilize the Customer Service Website for the PBS shop

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