Pepperidge Farm Treats

The story of Pepperidge Farm starts and ends with Margaret Rudkin. Margaret began experimenting with baking stone ground whole wheat bread for her family on her property in Connecticut called Pepperidge Farm. The home made bread jumped out in a time during the Depression when all that was available was overly processed, puffy white bread. Margaret and her husband stood by the product, and changed people's minds with their first taste of the nutritious bread. Margaret celebrated much success with her nutritious bread, that by the end of WWII, she was finally able to open a brand new, state of the art factory. Though most things in the process was automated, all loafs are still hand kneaded to provide the best tasting bread. As time went on Margaret was influenced by European treats and innovated such great Pepperidge Farms products like Milano cookies, Puff Pastry, and Goldfish crackers.

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