Perrier Bottled Sparkling Water

There is water and then there is Perrier. Perrier is a brand of sparkling bottled water sold at most grocery stores and convenient stores. It comes in a distinguished, transparent green bottle. Some facts about Perrier are as follows. Almost 1 billion bottles sold half internationally and half nationally. Perrier is available in 140 countries worldwide. Perrier water comes from France with natural sparkling spring water. Louis-Eugene Perrier was a doctor who bought an estate called Les Bouillens. He made a glass bottle that was able to hold three times its volume in glass. At the time (circe 1898), the French were mainly drinking wine. With a new product design and business partner, and they turned their attention to the British. Mineral water gained interest during World War I, but Perrier was disregarded afterwards. With a touch of advertising and changing management hands, today, Perrier is brought to your under Nestle and is not only a refreshing, but according to the brand, a fashionable choice. Enjoy coupons for Perrier here!

Perrier Sparkling Water Coupons

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