Phos Fur Anti-Cavity Flouride

Phos Fur is a Colgate product aimed to help protect your sparkly whites from cavities. Phos Fur come in three different flavors, which include bubble gum, cool mint and gushing grape. There are a few goals with using Phos Fur. It helps strengthen your enamel, prevent cavities, and prevents dental decay. If you have braces, you can feel free to use Phos Fur as well without negative impact! The best part is that there is no alcohol in this fluoride rinse. Plus, there is low fluoride in this dental product, just enough to get the job done! Phos Fur are widely available online and in the grocery store. You can find them on Amazon, for instance. Save on Phos Fur here! We have coupons and savings discounts below!

Phos-Flur Coupons

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