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Pocket House is the #1 expanding hose on the market. Experience what everyone is talking about with the new and improved design. The pocket hose comes with a lifetime guarantee, a double layer of hose protection to prevent rips, and a solar stripe shield to protect it from UV damage. The Pocket House comes in 4 convenient sizes for your needs. Get 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, or 100 feet of the Pocket Hose for any yard. Don't bother with that old hose again, the Pocket Hose is made of an elastomer hose on the inside layer. This elastomer layer expands with water pressure and shrinks when you are done. Just pack your Pocket Hose away and you never have to have unsightly hose running all through your lawn anymore. Get a great deal on the Pocket Hose today and see how easy yard work can be!

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