Ponds facial care

Your face is in for a treat. Sit back, pour some water, lukewarm water, over your face, and apply Ponds facial cleanser. At night, they have a tub of white, thick cream. Apply, and in the morning, feel the difference. Ponds hydrates skins, softens, and nourishes skin. Their line includes moisturizers, BB cream, cold cream cleanser, makeup removers, towelettes, and luminous products. Pond’s has bene using science and technology to transform skin since 1845. Their new luminous line has you completely covered. It includes SPF 15 and is hypoallergenic. Plus, in two weeks’ time, it will even your skin tone! Give your skin the gift of glowing skin with Ponds. Find maximum savings and discounts including Ponds coupons below!

Ponds Coupons

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