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Sooth and relieve your discomfort with Preparation H ointment. Use Preparation H for both internal and external hemorrhoids. The ointment temporarily helps shrink hemorrhoids and provides relief from itching and discomfort. Supplement the ointment treatment with Preparation H medicated wipes. The Wipes help cool, sooth, and clean before you treat with ointment. Preparation H is a leading brand in over the counter hemorrhoid relief. Go back to living your life with the help of Preparation H. About 75% of Americans will have a hemorrhoid some time in their life, and they can depend on Preparation H when they do. The active ingredients in Preparation H constrict the blood vessels so the hemorrhoids decrease in size and do not bother you as much. Flare ups can be controlled by the ointment or medicated wipes to help you live a normal life.

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