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Ragu is a family favorite sauce and paste brought to you by the parent company, Unilever. Make your favorite casseroles, lasagnas and pizzas with Ragu sauce. Ragu sauce comes in a few different varieties for you to choose based on what you are cooking or personal preference. Varieties include: Ragu Pasts, Old World Style, Chunky, Robusto, Cheese Creations, Light, Organic, and Pizza. Jars are usually 24 oz., but they also come in 45 ozs. Ragu also has a line of pastas to pair with its sauces. You can choose from your favorites: thin spaghetti, spaghetti, elbows, penne, and rotini. You can find Ragu pastas and sauces at many grocery stores and supermarkets or you can buy online. Find great deals at GCN with these coupons.

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Ragu was the very first jarred pasta sauce available nationally, and it is the number one pasta sauce brand in America. Ragu was founded by Giovanni and Assunta Contisano in 1937, when they brought their homemade recipe with them from Italy. They started selling it their sauce from the trunk of their car, and then opened the first Ragu plant in their Rochester, New York backyard. In 1971 they went national with their sauce, and in 2005 they introduced the first mainstream organic pasta sauce called Ragu Organic.

Tips to Saving on Ragu

The Ragu brand includes more than just pasta sauce – it now includes boxed pasta and jarred pizza sauce. Ragu pasta sauce comes in a wide variety of flavors, including Old World Style, Chunky, Robusto, Cheese Creations, Light and Organic.

Ragu is a favorite pasta sauce in my house, and it’s an easy brand to find a good deal on, even though Ragu doesn’t release a lot of coupons. I like to have several jars of pasta sauce on hand for quick dinners, so there’s usually a few jars of Ragu in the cabinet. I prefer the Ragu Organic line, and it’s very reasonably priced compared to other organic brands. Take a look at how I save on Ragu!


First thing to do is keep a look out for coupons. Ragu does release coupons, but not nearly as frequently as other brands, so when you do find them, hold onto them! Best places to look for Ragu coupons? The Sunday coupon inserts from SmartSource or RedPlum and the printable coupons page here at GCN are the best places to find Ragu coupons.

Sales and Promotions

Ragu is on sale very frequently, so even if you don’t have coupons, you can usually find a good deal. Check the sales ads of your favorite stores for sales or promotions, and start keeping track of the average price of Ragu. Once you know the sales cycle of Ragu at your favorite store, you’ll be able to tell a good sale price from a great sale price. And since Ragu is a Unilever brand, it is often included in Unilever promotions, such as “spend $20 on Unilever products, save $5 on your next order”, which is another great way to save.

Also look for promotions on grocery products at stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. These types of stores might not be your first thought when you need to pick up grocery items like pasta sauce, but they often have some really great sales and promotions, so they are really worth a look.

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By Phone – 1-877-328-7248 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-6:00 PM Eastern Time

For MEDICAL OR PRODUCT SAFETY EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 1-800-745-9269. This number is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

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