At Raley’s, they are “For Food. For Family. For You.” A food store and pharmacy, get all stocked up on your medications and groceries in one stop. At Raley’s, you can trust that your food is healthy and was produced with care and concern. Raley’s is known for their produce, they partner with local farmers within 50 miles of their location throughout California. Raley’s takes extra care with your food and the ecological impact they have along the way in transporting your goods. Raley’s is the first retailer in California to make use of an exhaust filtration system so that during food transportation, they lessen their carbon footprint. Feel good about the foods you eat and supporting your environment. Get great deals and coupons along the way.

Raley's Coupons

Checkout the latest weekly ad from Raley's before your next shopping trip. Get these weekly specials, rewards, and daily deals before they run out!

Hottest Coupons to Use at Raley's This Week

Combine Raley's' weekly ad with these popular manufacturer coupons to save even more money at checkout!


Great savings!

Raley’s is a local market in the San Fransisco area and you can find some great ways to save on products at this local store. Check out these saving tips to learn how.

Tips and Tricks for Saving at Raley’s

Like many stores, Raley’s has a weekly ad that keeps you informed on the sales and deals going on at the store that week. The weekly ad runs Wednesday to Tuesday and has all the best deals for that time period. You can use coupons at Raley’s to save even more and they have some special offers that can really help you save in the store. The ad features some great deals, including percentage off sale prices, BOGO type deals, 10 for $5 deals and a great incentive to buy in bulk with the buy more, save more type deals. You can pair these super savings opportunities with coupons to get the best deal for your dollar.

Raley’s also offers a $5 Monday promotion where they have select items on sale on Mondays. You can pick these deals up for $5 on Monday only and they vary in the types of deals and whether or not it’s a super steal. Some examples of recent Monday deals are Sara Lee Bread (2 for $5) or bulk produce at a low price of $5. You can find these deals online to see what they are offering each week and it divides it up by each department which is nice.

Another great in store promotion that this store offers is on medication. They have a special deal for $3.99 generic prescription which is a great deal and beats a lot of the drug store prices. If you use generic medicine on a regular basis and live near this store, it might be worthwhile to start using their program.

Raley’s offers a point reward program that helps you earn coupon vouchers to use on your shopping trips. They send out the vouchers quarterly and can be used at the Raley’s stores or other affiliates. You can check balances online and keep track of your points so you know where you stand.

The Something Extra shopping card is a free loyalty program that helps you save more in store, earn points and partake in promotions that the store has going on. You can also add coupons to your card and use it to make a list for when you go shopping. Check out all the great perks of this store and shop to save!

Customer Service Info for Raley’s

Raley’s Service Center
500 West Capitol Ave.
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Phone: (800) 925-9989

Raley's Corporate Headquarters

  • Location: West Sacramento, California
  • Executives: Jim Teel - Co-Chairman, Joyce Raley Teel - Co-Chairman, Michael Teel - President & CEO
  • Sales: $3.1 billion
  • Company Website


Products: Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, gas, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks



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