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Reach helps you reach for all of those germs in your mouth and give you the fresh, healthy breath you deserve. Reach products are in both toothbrushes and dental floss. Reach products are designed to improve your health, but it is habits and the way you brush your teeth and floss that differentiate health. Like two minutes twice a day is all you need. Also, that angle that you brush your teeth is Flossing? Not a problem. If all floss looks the same and you haven’t found the one for you take a quick quiz with Reach online to find the floss that is gentle on your gums, gets in between your teeth and is easy to use. Reach floss can help you remove plaque; provide whitening care, and more. Flossing is an important step to everyday dental care. Get special offers and online coupons on Reach, the Johnson and Johnson brand.

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