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Redbox is a fully automated video rental store contained in 12-square feet of retail space! Check in your local Kroger or Walmart store, with over 35,900 locations in the U.S.,68% of the U.S. population lives within a 5-minute drive of a Redbox. What's even better is that Redbox has a rent-and-return anywhere policy that allows you to return to any Redbox, not just the one you rented from. Redbox offers the latest release movies and games, as well as, most popular titles and family favorites. If you are looking for a particular title just reserve a movie or game online or via the Redbox iPhone or Android mobile apps.

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Super savings!

Redbox is one of my favorite new deals of the past few years and you can get free movies quite often with this great service! We have all the best ways to save on Redbox below, so read on for great saving tips on DVD and game rentals!

Save Money on Entertainment with Redbox Deals

Redbox is so convenient, inexpensive and easy, I don’t know how we lived without it! It makes picking up a movie super easy and you can even reserve a movie ahead of time to make sure it’s there. This is even better than Blockbuster in it’s glory days! I especially love that Redbox offers a lot of deals, savings and freebies so you can get movies and games for even less- check out my tips to save below!

If you haven’t used Redbox- find out where there is a location in your area. Convenience is key with this service and if you have one nearby, you can easily take advantage of the savings they offer. If you have one in your area, sign up to receive text deals. You will get a code for a free rental just for signing up!

Redbox offers new release movies, as well as older favorites and the price is very reasonable. With the text codes or other promotions, you can get many of these movies for FREE! We do a movie and pizza night every Friday and we definitely keep our cost down by using either promotional codes from Redbox or free movies on Amazon Prime!

Redbox also offers social network savings so make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter. They post codes a lot so you can always look through the page and see what’s available. Many stores partner with deals at Redbox too- in my area, you can find Redbox at Walgreens, CVS and other stores and sometimes my receipts from those stores will print with a code specific for the machine at that store. Always check your receipt for any additional savings or deals before you throw it away!

Follow Grocery Coupon Network for the best Redbox codes! We post them as we find them and you can get FREE rentals with many of the codes. Some codes that work regularly are DVDONME, BREAKROOM and REDBOX. Try these at the kiosk if you can’t find anything else.

Redbox Customer Service Information

Since Redbox is an electronic business, you can have issues. They have very helpful customer service reps that can give you a refund or help to resolve your issues. Use the contact information below to get in touch!

Call- 7 days a week, from 6:00am to 3:00am CST at 1.866.REDBOX3

You can also find email or chat options at the Help Page.

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