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Redplum is the source for people who appreciate value and getting the biggest bang for their buck. Find hundreds of downloadable coupons, discounts and more on everyday items, specialty items and necessities. Redplum delivers deals right to you and the way that you prefer. You can get the mail packet full of coupons or click your way to deals. Redplum makes it easy to find deals that are convenient to you. Get deals within 10, 25, or 50 miles within your zip code. Like the milk cartoons with missing person ads, Redplum has a special missing children’s program where they feature a missing child in the “Have You Seen Me?” section. Through the efforts of this program and reader’s help, over 150 children have been found. Save even more with coupons for Redplum below!

RedPlum Coupons

More savings!

Red Plum coupons are a great way to save on some of your favorite products- everything from groceries to beauty supplies and more. You can find these coupons in a variety of places and save even more on some great items when you use these coupons for saving more money.

Finding RedPlum Coupons

Red Plum coupons are not a specific brand of coupons, rather a group of coupons distributed by this company. They vary in the amounts of money that can be saved, the type of product and the frequency of coupons, however, they always have coupons available! You can pick up printable coupons anytime at the Red Plum website or through other blogs that offer Red Plum coupons. The coupons on all the websites should be pretty consistent and the site looks similar to what the sites look like.

To print out the coupons:

  • Enter your zip code so you can find coupons available in your area. Some coupons on this site are regional so it will vary what coupons are available to you. Remember, some zip codes have more or less coupons than others, and on different products. If you create an account, you won’t have to do this every time, you’ll just need to log in.
  • Click on the coupons that you are interested in for more information. The descriptions are very clear and tell you how much you will save and how many products you need to purchase to save that amount. You will digitally click the coupons to put them in the queue for when you are ready to print. 
  • Sort the coupons by categories if you are looking for something specific. It will make it much easier to find coupons this way and you can go through the categories that you are interested in and skip the others. 
  • Click on print when you are ready to print the coupons you have selected. Make sure you have their coupon printer installed, or if it’s your first time, you can install it with walk-through instructions from the site. 
  • Use your coupons to save when you shop and print more as needed!

Red Plum coupons also come in an insert in the weekly ad section of the Sunday paper. You can find this insert in the paper most weeks and they usually have a lot of good coupons available. If you don’t get the Sunday paper, you can purchase a paper if there are coupons that are worthwhile for you or ask a neighbor or local coffee shop if you can have any extra papers they might have. Most weeks you can find a sneak peak at the Sunday inserts right here on Grocery Coupon Network so you can see if you are interested in any of the coupons available.

Red Plum also delivers a direct mail customer packet with coupons and savings to some areas. I get mine on Wednesday and it sometimes has some great coupons and savings opportunities. I didn’t realize it was full of coupons when I first started getting it, which goes to show it’s good to investigate when you get something new!

RedPlum Customer Contact

The easiest way to contact Red Plum is via email at If you don’t receive the direct mailer, you can request it through this email also.

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