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Help sooth your cough and cold with Robitussin. Every single year, millions of school days and work days are lost because of the common cold. Help make those days go by a little easier with Robitussin. Robitussin products help with runny nose, itchy throat, and cough. Get through the day and sleep through the night with Robitussin's exclusive formulas that helps suppress cold and flu symptoms. Their formula includes decongestants, antihistamines, and cough suppressants. The decongestants shrink the vessels in your nose to help lessen the swelling of your nasal area. The antihistamines helps your body stop itching, nasal irritation, and mucus protection. The cough suppressants help block the cough reflex as well as thin the mucus in your airways to help you breath. Robitussin has a line of products that help adults and kids, night and day, maximum strength and sugar free.

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