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Schick’s motto is “free your skin”. They are a brand of disposable razors. Schick has razors for him and for her. Did you know that men’s razors are usually sharper than women’s razors? So, if you use the wrong version, you can get more cuts and nicks. Schick’s razors are highly praise for both men and women. Women’s razors include: Hydro Silk, Quattro, which has been favorably reviewed for legs and bikini areas, Xtreme 3, Intuition, Slim Twin, and Silk Effects Plus. Schnick’s razors usually have replaceable heads so you can use them again and again. For men, Schick’s includes: Hydro, Xtreme 3, Quattro and Slim Twin. You can find Schick razors at local grocery store s or convenient stores. Save on your next razors from Schick here!

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