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Sear Outlet sells daily clearance items. Sear Outlet offers its customers a broad variety of brand name products which are new, one-of-a-kind, scratched or dented at low savings. At Sears Outlet you can either buy online or pick up in-store, whatever is most convenient for you and your family. Quality product selections and merchandise at Sears Outlet can be found for women, men, shoes, beauty and fragrance, jewelry and watches, kids and toys, electronics, fitness, luggage, kitchen, décor and windows, bed and bath, furniture, tools and outdoors. For more great savings then try these coupons below to save more.

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Big savings!

Outlets are a great way to save money and the Sears Outlet is no exception! Sears Outlet is interesting because it’s often a stand alone store that is not part of a larger outlet conglomerate so you can find these anywhere! Read on for the best tips to save at this favorite outlet store.

Big Savings at Sears Outlet

Sears Outlet is a store that has a ton of great savings opportunities. You can find much of the same stock and product that you find in the regular store, at a much lower price. Many of the items may be seasonal or might be the last pieces left that a store had so they send it to the outlets. This is a great way to find really inexpensive items and you can save even more with our great tips. Like many outlets, they have a variety of promotions, like BOGOs, additional percentages off and even great freebies!

Outlet shopping is a great way to save money but it takes some work. Like thrift shopping, you may have to do a little more digging to find what you are looking for. One great thing about Sears Outlet is that they seem to be very organized. They do have limited sizes, styles and selections but they have a wide range of items so you can often find something you went in looking for. This is a great store to shop ahead for the next season because many of the items are marked really low because they are out of season. Plan ahead to stock up on classic items or items you know you will need and can figure out the proper size you’ll need, like snow boots or a down vest.

One of the best offers that Sears Outlet has is the free piece of clothing promotion they do on a regular basis- most Tuesdays! Head over to your nearest Sears Outlet store that carries apparel with proof of your Shop Your Way Rewards membership. Pick out any one piece of apparel (excluding outerwear and leather) and it will be FREE at the register. If you live near a store and you can do this every week, you can really build your wardrobe, for free.

You can also shop the Sears Outlet online and they have some great overstock- especially on appliances. When I was looking for a new washer and dryer, I found some real steals on the website. Factor in all the costs so you know the full cost of a deal- shipping, installation, etc. and then make sure to check for any promo codes on our page before you shop. You may be able to save even more on your purchase!

Sears Outlet Customer Service Info

If you are shopping at a store, you can usually resolve any issue in the store with a manager. If you need further assistance, you can use the contact information below. The only contact information provided is an email but you can do a lot on the Customer Service website as well.

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