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Sherwin-Williams was founded by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in Cleveland, Ohio in 1866. The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints and coatings in the United States, but is among the largest producers in the world. Sherwin-Williams paint stores are over 3,900 strong and offer various paints, coatings and paint supplies including brushes, rollers, wallpaper and more! Sherwin-Williams also offers inspiration and education on everything from faux finishes to wallpaper how-to's. No matter what surfaces you are coating, Sherwin-Williams provides innovative solutions that ensure your success. Check out how you can save more at Sherwin-Williams using coupons that we have found for you!

Sherwin-Williams Coupons

Saving tips!

Sherwin-Williams offers high-end paints and stains and you can find some great savings on the products they offer. They have really great products and lots of ways to save so read on for my best tips!

Save Money on Paints and Stains

Like many paint shops, Sherwin-Williams offers a wide range of finishes, colors and levels of paint for your home or business. They have so many options it sometimes makes my head spin. In this type of situation, where I need the product but am not sure exactly what to buy, I always aska  lot of questions of the experts in the store. I also try and follow my favorite savings rule- buy the best you can afford at your price point. When items go on sale or when you have a coupon, this may mean you can purchase a level above where you would usually shop. Take into consideration any budget your have for your paint needs and then weigh the expert info you get and make your best decision.

Sherwin-Williams has paint and stain sales throughout the year and they vary in savings and what is included. The top sale for this store is the 40% off all paints and stains. I have rarely, if ever, seen any sale they have offered that beats this one. So, if you are looking to buy paint and see this deal going on, you know it’s a good one.

If you have a family member who works for Sherwin-Williams, they can offer a discount to family which is about the same savings as above. This is something that you could use even when they don’t have a sale so if you know someone in your family who works there, make sure you get on their good side.

Sherwin-Williams also offers coupons and we sometimes have them! When they are available, you can print them, along with other money saving coupons you find on our site. These coupons tend to be 30% off or a dollar amount off so if you are in need of paint and can find a coupon, this should make for great savings too. Most coupons cannot be stacked, you can usually only use one offer per transaction. Compare prices and promotions and determine which deal is best for you.

When you shop at Sherwin-Williams, shop smart! They are a smaller store so they may not have the best prices on accessories like buckets, drop cloths or paint brushes. Check other stores and see what the best deal on those items would be and then you can purchase the items you need. Don’t forget to factor in the real cost of the deal, if it’s only a small amount of cost but way more convenient, it might be worthwhile to do a one stop shop.

Sherwin-Williams Customer Service Information

Toll-free Hotline- (800) 474-3794

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