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Shopper's World has hot deals on children's, junior's and men and women's clothes, as well as kitchen and bedroom goods and more. This discount department store has been around since the 1950s and operate in many states, including: New York, Connecticut, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Maryland. Check out all the coupons we have so you can save even more at Shopper's World. New coupons every day!

Shoppers World Coupons

Save at Shoppers World!

Save at Shoppers World!

Shoppers World is a smaller chain store, located in the Midwest and East Coast areas. They have high-end designer items and deals at a great, low price. Shoppers World Corporate Headquarters are located in New York, New York. Find all the ways to save here!

How to Save at Shoppers World-

Shoppers World is a chain of about 25 stores located in the Midwest and East Coast areas and it offers savings on high-end, department store items. You can find some great savings on everything from home décor to school uniforms here and save even more with these tips!

One of the main ways to save is with sales and clearance in the store. Items are marked down from original prices but they are similar to other discount stores in that they turn over items as new ones come in so you can always find some great clearance deals. You may find deals on Find out where the clearance section at your store is located and check it often. The best way to make sure you are getting a good deal is to know the best price of the items you are buying and compare it to other stores pricing. Sometimes with these types of stores, it may not always be the best deal because you might be able to pick up the same item cheaper with a stack at a regular department store so it pays to know (or check on your phone) if something you are buying really is the best deal.

Coupon codes and promo codes are a great way to save at Shoppers World. Always check for a coupon code before you shop online or a printable coupon or phone coupon before you shop in the store. You can find all the available coupon or promo codes on our store page and pair it with a great deal to save. You can subscribe to the help page Shoppers World Newsletter for extra savings and information on store deals or events. It’s easy and free!

Shoppers World really talks up their school uniform deals and they are a huge bargain. You can pick up uniform polo shirts on a regular basis for under $5, which is a great deal. If your children wear uniforms, it would be worthwhile to check out their regular deals on these and stock-up!

Social media savings come around occasionally and can be found on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to follow them if you are a regular customer and want to be in the know for any available deals, coupons or sales that may come around.

Contact Info for Shoppers World

Shoppers World has a few options for customer service, listed below. They do not have a toll-free number but you can reach their corporate office if needed for customer service.

Mailing Address: SW GROUP LLC, 9 EAST 40th STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10016
Corporate Phone Number: (646) 688 2608

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