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Silk is America's #1 brand of soy milk. Its humble beginnings started in the 1970's in Colorado when like-minded folks came together to brainstorm food products that came from a plant-based, healthy alternative to the mainstream. It experimented with plant-based alternatives to meatballs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, mayonnaise, non-dairy ice cream, just to name a few. Eventually, they were able to bring their experimental products to the grocery store to get customer reviews on their products. Their rising soy star came in the form of soy milk, and became the number 1 soy milk product found in homes today. Since its humble beginning, Silk has expanded to provide customers with almond and coconut milk, as well as creamers and non-dairy yogurt alternatives. Find Silk soy milk and other products at your nearest grocer, save money, and live better with Silk.

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