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Women and men shop Silver Jeans for the perfect fit of denim. Shop denim, shirts, blouses, jackets, and slacks at Silver Jeans. Silver Jeans specializes in jeans for men and women. They have developed a fit guide. For women, there are three types of body types: well-defined curve, defined curve and straight. For men, there are five different styles of pants that are given manly names: Gordie, Grayson, Zac, Nash, and Conrad. Each have a different fit and come in a variety of leg openings such as straight, tapered, and bootcut. It’s nice to shop on their website because the models give a realistic sense of how the jeans are going to fit according to your body type. No mannequins posing here! Save when you shop at Silver Jeans. Silver Jeans coupons and discounts for jean shopping here!

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