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Slo Niacin is an oral medication. Niacin stands for nicotinc acid. When you have a deficiency in nicotinic acid, there is Slo Niacin. Symptoms of Slo Niacin deficiency include diarrhea, redness in the tongue, and peeling red skin, and confusion. Slo Niacin is a dietary supplement that is available at major grocery stores and big box retailers and convenience stores. Slo Niacin is manufactured in the United States by Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc, a privately held pharmaceutical company that produces brand name and generic medications. You can get Slo Niacin without a prescription, even though it has powerful health benefits such as being clinically proven to promote good cholesterol levels. Save on Slo Niacin tablets and help improve your digestive system, skin and nervous system.

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