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Get the nutrition you need without sacrificing your diet with Smart Ones meals. Smart Ones is a product of Weight Watchers and helps you keep your points and calories under control. Choose from a huge variety of Smart Ones meals and snacks for every meal of the day. Start your day right with Smart Ones breakfast meals like French Toast and Turkey Sausage, Cheesy Scramble and Hash Browns, or Breakfast Quesadilla. Enjoy classic Smart Ones for lunch or dinner like Angel Hair Marinara, Lasagna Florentine, Spicy Szechuan, Spicy Black Bean Soup, Fish & Chips, and so much more. Smart Ones also offer anytime snacks and delicious desserts so you never skip a beat or feel like you are missing out, all while controlling your weight. Savings and coupons found here for Smart Ones meals.

Smart Ones® Coupons

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Smart Ones are a brand of frozen meals for one that are made by Heinz and tied to the Weight Watchers point system. They are a diet-type food with lower calories and fat to fall into a lower point category with Weight Watchers.

Ways to Save

You can find some great coupons on Smart Ones and if you pair them with a super deal, you can pick these up at a really great price. Smart Ones a popular brand for sales at most grocery stores and you may also find a store coupon to stack to save and get these really cheap. You can find a variety of Smart Ones coupons and they vary widely so find the one that fits best for your needs and the deals available.

Coupons for Smart Ones can be found in several different online sources including Eat Your Best, Weight Watchers and Heinz Offers. Grocery Coupon Network occasionally have a coupon for this great brand so make sure to check out all your options. These are all printable coupons and are for several types of deals, including a dollar amount off when you buy a certain amount or a B2G1 FREE type deal. SavingStar will sometimes have coupon for this brand also so check out all the available resources when you come across a good sale price. You will likely find some great coupons to pair with a great price.

Smart Ones meals have also been a part of Target Gift Card Deals in the past so this is a great way to save on these too. If you see an offer like this, look for a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon or a possible Cartwheel offer and try and stack as many savings as you can to get the best price possible. I would consider a deal on these to be around $1.50 and a stock-up price to be that or lower. These make nice lunches to take to work so you can save money by taking your lunch. We have seen these for under $1 at Target when you combine some deals so this is a really great stock-up price but doesn’t come around super often.

If you eat a lot of this brand, it may be worthwhile to buy these in bulk from a warehouse club or from a store that offers a case discount to save more. Wait until you see a low price or a warehouse club coupon to pair with a bulk price to save even more. This will make for a good per piece price if you can pick up a larger amount and are okay with the varieties offered.

Smart Ones Customer Contact Info:

Phone: 800-762-0228


Heinz Corporation
1 PPG Place
Ste. 3100
Pittsburgh PA 15222

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Joe Phelps4 years ago
Again, looked everywhere for Smart one coupons, as usual none of them work. If they have been printed the allowed # why dont you take them down. I think i am finished with Kraft foods. You advertise but sure don't deliver . I buy 25 or 30 meals a week, That is probably not much to you but a lot to us to buy every week. Looks like we go to Lean Cuisine.... thank you Joe