Smirnoff vodka coupons and sales

Have a party coming up? Save on your booze supply with these vodka coupons and codes. The world’s number one choice for vodka, Smirnoff has a variety of flavors to mix in your favorite fruity beverage or tiki drink or serve it straight up on the rocks. Smirnoff vodka offers specialty recipes for each unique flavor based on the type of mixers you have, the occasion and your skill level. Favorite vodka drinks include White Russian, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, and Lemon Drop Martini. Flavors include Grape, Green Apple, Coconut, Espresso, 90 Proof, Root Beer Float, Mango, Kissed Caramel, Fluffed Marshmellow and more. Smirnoff Vodka is corn based allowing people on restrictive diets such as gluten-free to enjoy. Join in the fun with these savings and discount codes that will keep the party stocked all night long.


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