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Ladies, have you heard? Move over pads, tampons and Diva Cup, there is Softcup. Softcup isn’t exactly new to the market. It has been used for over 15 years. Softcup, unlike pads or tampons, collects your flow rather than absorbing it. This means a few good things for you. First, you don’t have to change it as often. Softcup can last up to 12 hours and there are even reusable Softcups that you can use throughout one menstrual cycle. Imagine only having 12 Softcups a year compared to how many tampons you go through. They are particularly helpful during travel and for endurance athletes. You can purchase Softcups online in the privacy of your own home or you can pick them up at your local convenience stores. Walgreens seems to be the major retailer that carries them. Help the environment, experience a more comfortable menstrual cycle with Softcups. Coupons and savings are here.

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