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Sony is a large corporation dabbling in everything from music devices to motion pictures to financial services. You can find a ton of ways to save on Sony products with great tips from Grocery Coupon savings experts. Sony does offer some online savings offers so make sure to check our promo codes before you do any shopping, whether you are buying a new tv or noise cancelling headphones.One of Sony's most popular products is the Play Station and Play Station games so be on the lookout for great deals and coupons for these popular products- sometimes you can find clearance deals at Target or Best Buy on this product.

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Save with Sony!

Sony is a world-wide conglomerate that dabbles in everything, including electronics, PlayStation, movies, music and TV shows. We have the top tips to help you save on these favorite electronic items.

Save on Sony Products

Sony has so many great items and a huge price range that can fit your budget, especially with our great tips to help you save more. When it comes to electronics, there are really a myriad of ways to save and it depends on what exactly you want to buy and where you are willing to cut costs.

One way to save is by buying a previous model of the electronic when a new model comes out. This is especially true of televisions and gaming systems. As soon as a newer model of the same item hits the market, you will see a huge drop in prices of the older model. I am not a super technology person so this is my favorite way to save. I am usually getting an upgrade even with the older model and at a huge savings!

Stores like Best Buy or Abt will offer sales around the holidays, which is usually when these types of deals show up. You might even be able to pair a great deal with no interest financing or a special store offer to save even more. Make sure to take advantage of the double bump and earn money on your purchase as well. I am a big fan of the Best Buy store credit card where you can get special promotions and earn points on your purchases. You can also shop through an online rebate site if you are making your purchase online through Sears, Best Buy or other stores that offer a percentage back on your purchase.

You may find a great deal on an older model of Sony items at Amazon or on daily deal sites. Always compare prices before you make any larger purchases to make sure you are getting the best deal. We post the best deals as we find them so make sure to follow our blog or Facebook page to stay on top of the hottest savings!

Customer Service Information for Sony

With electronics, you have a lot of different issues you may need resolved so there are quite a lot of ways to get customer service. One way is through the store where you purchased the item. Another way is through a warranty service or with Sony directly. You can find some great help on the Customer eSupport page.

If you need to contact Sony, use the information below-

Customer Service Phone Number- 800-345-SONY


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