Sparkle Brand Paper Towel Sale

Sparkle brand paper towels are thirsty for your spills! Choose from a selection of styles, colors, and sizes with Sparkle brand paper towels. Size matters when it comes to messes, so use Sparkle's 'Pick a Size' paper towels for small, medium, and big spills. Sparkle paper towels come with Thirst Pockets to absorb messes easily and fast. Pick from 20 different patterns that are fun, full of color, and contemporary. You can find Sparkle at your local grocer, or buy online through,,,, or Head the their website to vote on the next design or pattern, or get tips on how to find me 'Me Time.' Sparkle brings you huge savings on and off line for all their products, so you can stock up and save. Get Sparkle brand paper towels today for all your life's messes.

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