Spectracide Bug & Weed Killer

Spectracide helps you control unwanted bugs and weeds with easy to distribute containers. Spectracide is tough on bugs and plants when you need it the most. Control your environment with Spectracide products like Ant Killers, Disease and Fungus Control, Fire Ant Killer, Home Insect Killers, Japanese Beetle Control, Lawn Weed Killers, Outdoor Insect Killers, Stinging Insect Killers, Weed and Grass Killers, Wood Destroying Insect Killers, and tons of other solutions to control your problems. Not sure how to identify your problem? Get the Spectracide app and get help identifying your bug or weed problem so you can make an informed decision on targeting the right solution for your problem. Save on these and other solutions with Spectracide.

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