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Craving something juicy? Starbucks will satisfy your urge. Starbucks are great snacks on the go that have a juicy blast. They are also great for party favors or little treats. Starbucks are fruity, juicy square candies that come in a rectangle package when serve on the go or individually in a bag in larger quantities. If you don’t feel like unwrapping each Starburst, they now come in a resealable mini’s pack. There are five different Starbust varities: original, faveREDs, tropical, very berry, and fruity slushy. Starbursts also come in different shapes and sizes than the classic square shape. These include Starburst jelly beans and Gummibursts. Get your sweet fix at a lower price with these juicy savings from GCN. Coupons to use below!

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