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Stridex is acne scrub facial cleansers and astringent pads. Acne is a skin condition that affects many people both children and adults, women and men. Teenagers tend to develop acne as they reach puberty. It has been reported that 85 percent of people experience acne breakouts atleast occasionally. When pores become clogged there are two results: black heads, which appear above the skin’s surface and whiteheads, which are below. When bacteria called acne appear from the clogged pores, the acne multiplies and then your face or a section of your face like your shin or under your neck has acne. Depending on your type of skin and the amount of acne you have, there are different acne solutions. These solutions include: Stridex Conditioning Acne Scrub, Stridec Natural Control, Stridex Essential, Stridex Maximum and Stridex Sensitive. Stringer is widely available in the United States. To find the nearest retailer to you, you can use the locator tool on Stridex’s web site. Get savings on Stridex solutions here!

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