Sun-Maid Coupons

Sun-Maid has the iconic Sun Maid Girl on the front of every product. Sun-Maid’s history began in 1912. Sun-Maid is a cooperative that is comprised of California growers. The Sun-Maid brand is known for the Sun-Maid girl, who is a portrait of Lorraine Collet Peterson, a woman who posed for a water color painting while holding a basket of fresh grapes. The Sun-Maid name was given by an advertising agency. The name represents that the sun dried fruit were grow through the help of the California sun. Sun-Maid products include raisins and other dried fruits hat come in cartons, boxes, or 6 packs for to-go enjoyment. Save on Sun-Maid products with coupons and discounts below!

SUN-MAID Coupons

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