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Swiffer is a truly convenient way to clean and enjoy cleaning. Since its debut, it has transformed the way people clean their homes. Mops no longer require a bucket, dust and dirt on the floor is easily picked up and your home is cleaner and fresher with little hassle and no bending. Swiffer products also include dusting pads. Used in businesses and homes, Swiffer products usually have two or three parts. For the Swiffer WetJet, for instance, you have an attachable bottle of formula, and the mop itself. You simply spray and move the mop, but the two parts operate as one, so as you spray, you move the mop. Start enjoying cleaning your home and business and do so for a fraction of the price tag. Coupons here!

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Swiffer is a very popular line of floor cleaning products from the Procter & Gamble company. The Swiffer line was introduced in 1999, and is now used in over 50 million households worldwide. The product line started with Swiffer Sweepers, which sweep, attract and trap dirt, and has since expanded to include the WetJet, SteamBoost, SweeperVac, 360 Dusters, Dust & Shine, and more. Save money on all these great Swiffer products by matching coupons and sale prices with our expert tips!

Tips to Save on Swiffer!

Swiffer products are extremely popular, but can be costly. The initial purchase isn’t too bad – what will rack up the price is paying for the replacement refills & pads. Over time, the cost of refills can really add up. But the convenience of the Swiffer makes it an expense that many are willing to pay. For instance, my kids loved using the Swiffer sweeper when they were little, and I really liked that they could help out with something that was lightweight and easy to push. It gave them a real sense of accomplishment. For this reason, I was willing to spend the money on refills. But you can still chip away at the cost of these refills with coupons and sales. Take a look at our tips to save you money on your next Swiffer purchase!


There are a few places to look for Swiffer coupons. Swiffer coupons can be found in the P&G BrandSaver coupon insert, which usually appears once a month in the Sunday paper. Swiffer coupons are also available to print up from the offers page of the P&G website. And be sure to check for the latest Swiffer printable coupons right here at Grocery Coupon Network!

Sales, Promotion, and Rebates/Gift Cards

Swiffer products go on sale all the time, so always wait for a sale. If you can pair a sale with a coupon, you’re going to save even more. But don’t limit yourself to sales! Be on the lookout for in-store promotions, rebates, and gift card offers. For instance, Target often runs gift card promotions on Swiffer products, such as buy 2 select Swiffer products, get a $5 Target gift card for a future purchase. Although it’s not exactly a “sale”, it’s another great way to save!

Facebook & Twitter

The Swiffer facebook page has a lot going on, and they often release coupons and freebies, which is fantastic! “Like” the Swiffer facebook page and follow Swiffer on Twitter to receive notifications about freebies and coupons.

Money Back Guarantee

Swiffer has a money back guarantee on their products! If you’re not completely satisfied with a product, Swiffer will refund the purchase price on a prepaid debit card! For details on this money back guarantee and to download the Guarantee form, visit the Swiffer website. Or, contact Swiffer at 1-866-411-1753.

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