Tai Pei Coupons for Chinese Food

Bring home Asian cuisine for less. If you are in the mood for light appetizers or complete entrees, Tai Pei, has selections for you. Find Tai Pei in the frozen food section of your grocery store. Tai Pei started their line with traditional Sweet and Sour Chicken and now offers 14 different varieties. Tai Pei foods at this time are not vegan. While most Chinese food has higher content of MSG, Tai Pei does not add MSG. The MSG found is from their main ingredients: soy sauce, yeast extract, and autolyzed yeast. Tai Pei entrees and appetizers are ready within minutes when prepared in the microwave. Most of their foods are only intended for microwave use, though some appetizers may be prepared in the oven or stove top. Bring home classic Chinese food here! Get extra savings below.

Tai Pei Coupons

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