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There’s something delicious that your grocery store has made room for in the frozen food aisle. It’s better that icecream. It’s Italian gelato and sorbetto. In the words of Tanlenti, “It’s a vacation in your mouth.” Choose from twenty-six decadent flavors of gelato and sorbetto like Sicilian pistachio, Lisbon lemon, sea salt carmel, and Alfonso mango. Have dietary needs? Talenti is here to serve you and give you the great taste and consistency you need while still taking care of your body. Choose from dairy-free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and Kosher varieties. Talenti gelato is packaged in pints and quarts and also comes in savoy bars. Taletni gelato is so good because they are selective about their ingredients. They use fresh milk, real sugar cane instead of high-fructose syrup which not only tastes superior but is significantly better for your body. Get the best dessert at the best price. We’ve got your coupons here.

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