Target Cartwheel Moving to Target Mobile App

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Cartwheel Moved to Target App!

Target Cartwheel App Merging to Target App

Are you a Target Shopper who uses the Target Cartwheel App?  We wanted you to be aware of some changes!

Recently it was decided that the Target Cartwheel App, will be moving over to the Target App.  This was done in efforts to make savings for Target Guests easier, in addition to saving time and money!

You can read more about this from the Target Corporate Website.

You can download the Target App at the Google Play Store for Android Devices

Or get it from the iTunes Store.

Some great features from the Target App


More exciting features!

  • Customize to fit your needs
  • Select a favorite store
  • Shop deals, see price cuts, and weekly ad specials
  • Select in store pick up, or have items shipped to your home
  • Create a shopping list
  • Easy to checkout securely online and in store

Cartwheel is easy to use!

How to add a Cartwheel offer
You can add an offer to your Cartwheel anywhere an offer card appears!

  1. First, find an offer you want in your Cartwheel activity feed, on a friend’s Cartwheel, or if you’re looking for something specific just search or browse our categories.
  2. Next, click on the offer.
  3. Then select the add button.
  4. Look for the red check mark to be sure your offer is successfully added.

Use the Scanning Feature

I have found that the best way to see if the item you would like to purchase is on Cartwheel, is by opening up the scan feature.

  1. Open up the scanning feature by clicking on the Barcode on the top of the App.
  2. As you shop, scan the barcode of the product.  If a Cartwheel discount is available, it will come up.
  3. Add the offer by clicking on the Red plus

Redeeming a Cartwheel Offer

  1. You can print your Cartwheel barcode from your computer (Currently by using a desktop computer)
  2. Or you can use your mobile device in store to access your bar-code using your mobile browser.
  3. At the check out, present your mobile or print barcode to the cashier just as you would any other coupon.
  4. The cashier will scan your barcode and you’ll automatically receive your savings on all of the Cartwheel offers on your list!

*Please note that some Cartwheel offers have limited amounts of quantities of items that can be purchased with the app.  There is usually a limit of four items purchased with the specific Cartwheel Offer, unless otherwise noted.  Also, Cartwheel Offers do expire!

*The Cartwheel discount is taken off of the purchase price Yes, you can Coupon stack with Cartwheel (see info below)

Yes, you can Coupon stack with Cartwheel

  1.  You can use (1) Cartwheel offer with a Target Coupon and a Manuf. Coupon!  Make sure to check out GCN’s Printable Coupons, CleverSaver Printable Coupons,  and Insert Coupons as well.
  2. Also use other mobile coupon Apps including SavingStar, Berry Cart, Ibotta, Checkout51

Weekly Target Coupon Match Ups

We have Weekly Target Coupon Match Ups that highlight the best deals you can get at Target for the week!

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