TastyKake Desserts

Tastykake knows desserts, especially cakes. Their product catalog includes savory pies, cakes, snowballs, sweet rolls, and bars. Choose from cakes like Krimpets, their iconic product, that comes in sweet flavors like butterscotch, jelly, peanut butter and jelly, strawberry, pancake and spice kale. Take your taste buds to the next level and enjoy savings along the way! See details below. About the company: Tastykake industrial site is located in the city of Philadelphia. They take a liking to creating tasty treats in an environmentally healthy way. Their factory is LEED Silver Certified, meaning that it has been inspected and meets the standards of the U.S Green Building Council. Tastkake’s LEED certified practices include: drought-resistant water, bike racks for alternative transportation, and a white, reflective roof that reflects, rather than absorbs energy.

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